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Posted By on Dec 27, 2016

A large number of people who have never flown believe that all disasters in the air inevitably mean the tragedy of the crew and passengers. But that is not the case that is just a fear to overcome a first impression of unfamiliar.

The first point of contact when entering the airplane is a space in which you will travel and therefore to start familiarize yourself with the layout of the safety outputs as well as how many rows you apart from them. This will facilitate you in cases of inflammation, thick smoke and sudden inability of vision, thus counting the rows reach the real output.

At the beginning of the flight the plane you’ll definitely see a video, and you can get a form about what and how to work in all situations of risk. Do not react negatively to these tips and eagerly watch the film because every small thing that this moment carved into your brain, it can save you when you least expect it.

Close themselves hold the equipment you get, and each company is different, so let’s not be surprising if you find yourself in one for the first time. The advice that is given to all who travel by plane is that lighter clothing in which you travel , for ease of movement, and in particular to emphasize the jeans because this material has a lot to suffer . Avoid high heels and uncomfortable shoes because it will prevent your stroke.

Be sure when lowering the seat addressing its safety belt and all the details about its operation can be obtained from the nearest flight attendant. Beneath your seat make sure you get a seat belt that will be used during sudden landings on water. Guidelines for its use also can be got through film or leaflet.

If it happens that the crew asks you to prepare for the sudden attack, a position where he should keep the following – heads between their knees or placed on the seat in front, hands behind the head without crossed fingers, and elbows are close to the head. Legs should not adhere to the seat in front of you so you do not hurt your feet.

In the case of descending a safety slide to evacuate from the plane very often happens that due to high altitude it comes to panic and fear. Keep in mind that you put down a rescue team and that other people in the row behind you have to be evacuated, too. Just don’t panic and remember the most essential thing – arms crossed over her breasts, and if it’s easier to you close your eyes. In any case you will be grounded, and people who will welcome you will do everything to forget this event.

Cabin crew

Therefore, there isn’t any reason to be concern about you should just enter the airplane without thinking about accidents and crashes. Cabin crew is a team of a professional people whose job is to protect you and make your flight safe.

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