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We all know that cars don’t really choose a time or place for them to decide to die on us. They can suddenly come to a halt in the middle of the highway or our tire can suddenly blow up in the middle of nowhere. You can be at a quick stop at the supermarket to get dinner only to find out that your car won’t start for you to go home.

It may be okay if you have someone to call come and get you when your car breaks down but what about your car? You can’t just leave it in the middle or side of the road. It may not even be advisable to leave it in a parking lot. This is why you need a towing service company on speed dial.

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Travel on a Budget

Travel on a Budget

Posted By on Dec 27, 2016

Most travelers are always looking for the top travel deals around.  You can always find great travel deals if you look around and do your research.  The best way to do this is to look online on travel web sites and they will tell you the very best way to find a great deals.  If you take this time and make this effort, you can learn a lot about travel deals in the area.

Hotel deals

Finding hotel deals is usually a matter of the season that you’re traveling in.  If you’re traveling in peak season it will be much harder to find hotel and motel deals then if you’re traveling in the off-season.  Either way, all you have to do is go to websites that offer discounted hotel rooms, and see if there is availability during your trip dates.  We traveled last spring to the beaches in Florida and found some great deals for hotels in New Smyrna Beach.  As crazy as this sounds, we even stayed at one hotel who agree to give us a free night stay if we would help out with landscape and tree trimming around the grounds.  So we helped this company who did tree trimming in New Smyrna Beach and they were a lot of fun to work with, and it gave us a few nights free on our hotel stay.

hotel in New Smyrna Beach

The next night we stayed at another hotel in New Smyrna Beach, and believe it or not the same tree service company was doing work at this hotel as well.  I learned one thing from that visit, and that is that trimming palm trees is definitely an art and must be learned over years of experience.  These tree professionals were indeed very good, and the trees looked beautiful.

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If you have a high school reunion coming up in the next six months these are some must dos to get ready for your big weekend.  We have researched an isolated the top 6 things you must do so that you will be ready when the big weekend finally rolls around and you’ll see people that you have not seen for 20 or more years.

So if you have stubborn pride, like many others do, you will want to lose the extra pounds, make sure that your wardrobe is ready, and rent a limo for the weekend to make sure you go “all in” – it is a bit of a splurge, but well worth it as these weekends only come around once a decade.  The proper planning sometimes takes a little work, but it is well worth the effort and you will enjoy your weekend more if you follow these simple tips.

So here we go, these are the 6 big things you must do to get ready:

Travel reunion

  1. Make sure that you lose weight and get in shape.  This is the most important item on the list, as there is no better way to impress and amaze that girl who blew you off in high school, then to get in great shape for this big weekend.  So get that membership going at your local gym, and lay off the pizzas and burgers for a few months, and you will be very glad that you did.
  2. Make sure that your wardrobe is current and up to speed.  You don’t want to wear clothes that are dated and worn out.  Your clothes will say a lot about who you are and what you have done with your life.
  3. Planned to travel in style.  Go all out and rent a limousine for your arrival at the reunion.  It may spend a few extra dollars but it will be a lot of fun and well worth it.  For my reunion I rented a limo from a company in Lakeland that turned out to be a great decision.
  4. Book a room at the hotel where the reunion is.  There will likely be a lot of drinking and a lot of alcohol and you don’t want to have to travel to a hotel that is 20 miles away.
  5. Connect with some of your old friends before the weekend arrives, so it won’t be so awkward and cold turkey once the reunion starts.  If you have already connected and talked, you won’t have the same icebreaker that you will have if there is no contact.
  6. Avoid hooking up if possibly can.  There are many stories of people who hook-up at reunions, and sometimes it turns out to be a really great thing.  However, the downside is everybody in your entire high school class will likely hear all about the hook-up, and it can be a source of real embarrassment in years to come.

If you follow these tips, you will likely save yourself a lot of embarrassment, and it will make for a great weekend where you will have no regrets for what happened.  And really, when push comes to shove, if you lose the weight and dress like a champ, then most of the rest of it will take care of itself.   And don’t forget to rent a luxury limo that will blow them all away, as that is the touch of class that everyone will appreciate.  If you follow these tips you will have a very enjoyable weekend.

If you have to fly to your reunion, then we recommend these flying tips.


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Parking During Travel

Parking During Travel

Posted By on Dec 27, 2016

Parking during your international travel can always be a challenge! It can be a challenge at your departure airport, as well as your arrival airport. If your travel consists of international travel, then things can really get complicated and become very difficult if proper planning is not done. However, if you plan ahead and understand all of your options prior to departure, things become much easier to deal with and your travel will be much more pleasant.

First and foremost, always leave plenty of time to get to the airport. If possible, it is best to leave 2 hours prior to your flight departing. This will give you plenty of time for parking, as well as traveling within the airport. Allowing this much time also will give you enough time if anything goes wrong. This, as we all know, is bound to happen so it will give you time to adjust accordingly.

Parking Next, if you are trying to save money like most travelers, a good option is to use parking off of the airport property, and use the shuttle service to get to the airport. This is a very good option, as overnight parking at the airport is quite expensive. Believe it or not, the security at the off property locations is often times better than security at the airport.  This is generally because they know they need additional security  because they are away from the airport.

Regardless of where you park, never leave any valuables in your car. Although most parking areas are generally safe and secure, there is always a chance that someone can break into your vehicle and steal your belongings. Another tip is to make sure you remember your parking area! There is nothing more frustrating then returning after a long trip and not remembering where you parked, so you have to walk around for an hour trying to find your car. This happens more often than you might think!

Once you arrive at your destination city, it is best to have reserved your transportation several weeks in advance. Also, make sure you call to confirm you reservation a few days prior to your departure just to make sure everything is in proper order, and you have things confirmed. Also, try to get a name of someone in the destination country from you travel agent, so that if you do have a problem you can contact someone who knows your itinerary.

Parking garage

All of these items are quite simple to follow, and the key is to do proper planning prior to your travel to make sure all of your travel arrangements are in order. If you do this, you will be in better shape than most people who do very little planning and it ends up costing them in time and expense!

Here are some additional tips for smooth travel.


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