Exciting Activities You Can Enjoy in a Party Bus

Posted By Juliet Arcand on Feb 25, 2020 |

party busThe idea of hosting a party on a bus can be exciting and thrilling, given you plan fun things. Fun on the party bus should never be limited to alcohol. Here we are with the top ten exciting activities you can enjoy with friends while partying on a bus. 

1. Theme Party: Guests always love to be in a theme party. You can have the interior of the bus decorated in the chosen theme and ask your guests to come in costumes or get-ups. Here are some of the theme parties you can plan for: # Mermaid #Back to College # Zombies 

Thinking of other theme party ideas? Check out the video below:


2. Games: Plan games and collect the required things in advance. Board games and indoor games such as UNO, Go Fish, and name that tune and more can be enjoyed with friends on the bus. You can make a list of games or ask your guests to suggest some for a fantastic time. 

3. Ghost Stories: Ask your guests to narrate any ghost story. You can prepare your own spooky story in advance and keep the guests excited about what happens next. 

4. Karaoke: Split into teams and start Karaoke competition. 

5. Whisper game: Create a tongue twister and play whisper game with your friends on the bus. It will be fun to see how the words are twisted and turned from the beginning till the end. 

6. Charades: A word guessing game in which one acts and the other guess can add fun to the party. 

7. Dance: Play different tunes and have everyone dance on the bus. 

8. Poker: Bring cards to the party and ask you, friends, to play poker. 

9. Ramp Walk: Ask your guests to participate in a ramp walk and show off their dresses. You can also set a team to choose the best-dressed guest and award him/her. 

10. Truth and Dare: The game is quite popular among all. Spin a bottle and ask your friends to choose a task from truth and dare.

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