Maintenance Tips to Extend Tire Life

Posted By Juliet Arcand on Apr 29, 2019 |

Extend Tire LifeTires go through a whole lot. Just imagine all four wheels taking the entire weight of your car, the driver, passengers, and everything else in the vehicle. It has to drive through extremely hot or cold pavements and may encounter a few bumps and foreign objects along the way. Tires get a lot of natural wear and tear so every few years or so, depending on how frequent you drive your car, these tires must be replaced. Since tire replacements are pricey, it would be great to know some maintenance tips to extend tire life.

The key to proper tire maintenance is a frequent inspection. It is your responsibility as a car owner to check on the tires before driving to ensure they’re still looking and working great. Other than physical inspection, here are some tips you can keep in mind:

  1. Rotate tires frequently. Note down your car’s mileage and in every 6,000 to 8,000 miles, rotate the tires already to maintain equal treadwear across all four tires.
  2. Follow proper wheel alignment. Some people actually feel a “pull” and know when it’s time to check the alignment. If you don’t get that feeling, have the alignment checked when you rotate your car tires.
  3. Check on treadwear. Don’t wait until you can no longer see any treading before tire replacement.
  4. Follow the right tire pressure. Some tires come with a pressure recommendation, but it’s best to follow the indicated pressure that’s printed on your car’s manual. Different cars need different tire pressures. Your SUV’s tires may be exactly the same as the ones on your pickup, but the pressure may differ.

By keeping these tips in mind, expect to extend tire life and save money on frequent replacements. More importantly, you can be sure that the tires are four less things to worry about when you’re driving!

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