Prevent Accidents on the Road: Do Not Text and Drive

Posted By Juliet Arcand on May 3, 2020 |

do not text and driveTime and again, you will receive reminders that you should not use your mobile phone while driving. In fact, in most states across the country, mobile phone use while driving is against the law! Many would end up with large fines when they choose to disobey. Needless to say, being on the phone while you drive, even if it only takes a couple of seconds to look at an incoming call or message can turn out into a deadly accident.

We’ve seen many stories and reports of people dying or getting severely injured because someone chose to pick up a call or text while driving. Truth is, many are still not following this law! Many of us are so busy with our schedules that we can’t seem to even pause for a while or even pull over for a minute or two to answer a phone call.

You can prevent accidents on the road if you do not use your mobile phone. You don’t need to experience accidents such caused by mobile phone use for you to stop this habit already if you have it. And if you are riding with someone who uses his or her cellphone while driving, make sure you’re calling them out and telling them about its dangers. Sure, it might be an awkward situation, but it’s life and death we’re talking about here so it’s something that should never be ignored.

Here are distracted driving statistics in the United States where you will see the actual figures of deaths and injuries caused by using your phone and other forms of distraction when driving.

So if this doesn’t convince you, we really don’t know what will. But for your sake and those driving and riding with or around you, do not text or make and receive calls while driving.

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