Travel on a Budget

Posted By Juliet Arcand on Dec 27, 2016 |

Most travelers are always looking for the top travel deals around.  You can always find great travel deals if you look around and do your research.  The best way to do this is to look online on travel web sites and they will tell you the very best way to find a great deals.  If you take this time and make this effort, you can learn a lot about travel deals in the area.

Hotel deals

Finding hotel deals is usually a matter of the season that you’re traveling in.  If you’re traveling in peak season it will be much harder to find hotel and motel deals then if you’re traveling in the off-season.  Either way, all you have to do is go to websites that offer discounted hotel rooms, and see if there is availability during your trip dates.  We traveled last spring to the beaches in Florida and found some great deals for hotels in New Smyrna Beach.  As crazy as this sounds, we even stayed at one hotel who agree to give us a free night stay if we would help out with landscape and tree trimming around the grounds.  So we helped this company who did tree trimming in New Smyrna Beach and they were a lot of fun to work with, and it gave us a few nights free on our hotel stay.

hotel in New Smyrna Beach

The next night we stayed at another hotel in New Smyrna Beach, and believe it or not the same tree service company was doing work at this hotel as well.  I learned one thing from that visit, and that is that trimming palm trees is definitely an art and must be learned over years of experience.  These tree professionals were indeed very good, and the trees looked beautiful.